2021-2022 LCS Activity Class Registration

Activity Class Registration for the 2021-2022 school year has started.  Please review the class details and reach out to livingstonchineseschool@yahoo.com if you have any questions. Last day to register is 10-17-2021.  First day of class is 10-10-2021.

To register for adult dance class, click here or email to: livingstonchineseschool.hsa@gmail.com.

To register for other classes, click here.

Please note: 

  • Classes will be in-person except for programming. 
  • We require a minimum of 4 registered students before we will formally open the class.

Activity Class Offerings:

  • Adult Folk Dance – $210 (20 classes Cohort A and B) $105 (10 classes Cohort A or B) 2:00-3:15PM
  • Children Folk Dance – $75 (10 classes Cohort A or B) 3:15-4:30PM
  • Chinese yo-yo – $55 (10 classes Cohort A only) 3:15-4:15PM
  • Beading – $55 (5 classes Cohort A or B in the Fall semester only);a parent is required to assist for students 7 or younger. 3:15-4:15PM
  • Origami – $70 (10 classes Cohort A or B) 3:15-4:15PM
  • Programming(Java) – $70 (10 classes Cohort A in-person and Cohort B follow Cohort A schedule virtual) 3:15-4:15PM

Questions? Please email livingstonchineseschool@yahoo.com.

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