Our Story

李文斯頓中文學校創建於一九八三年, 在杜宛香和黃李彩雲女士們多方籌備下正式成立。其宗旨除了承傳中華文化外, 同時也為了讓下一代華人子弟了解父母出生地的文化背景。成立的當初, 除了只有三十位學生外,尋找上課的場地也是一件令人傷腦筋的大事。十週年校慶, 學生人數在大家的努力下增加到一百六十位同學。同時由於大量的廣東話家庭不斷的移入新澤西州, 特別是在李文斯頓鎮及鄰近的區域, 本校前校長及榮譽董事梁伯華教授,有感於成立廣東話班的需要, 在校董會及多位熱心家長的幫助下, 設立了廣東話班, 李文斯頓中文學校除了傳統的國語教學外,粵語教學也因此成了本校特色之一。

本校招收中文課之學生需年滿四歲以上, 分國語及粵語教學,從幼兒唱遊班到九年級,教授中文的聽ヽ說ヽ讀ヽ寫。現有學生二百多人, 二十多個班級。本校並有舞獅, 功夫, 太極拳, 民族舞蹈, 中國結, 摺紙, 扯鈴, 棋藝, 話劇, 籃球, 羽毛球等文化及體育課外活動。本校歷史悠久, 組織建全, 師資優良, 設備完善。在本校家長會積極推動下, 校內和校外活動多釆多姿, 如學生讀書運動, 學校圖書館, 學生商店, 演講比賽, 才藝表演, 成人講座, 年刋發行, 有氧舞蹈, 週日健行, 溜冰, 春季旅遊, 夏季烤肉, 冬季滑雪, 新年聯歡會和社區服務等。

Founded in 1983 by Mrs. Julia Dutka and Mrs. Catherine Hwang, the Livingston Chinese School is a non-profit organization to promote and advance the diverse cultural heritage of the Chinese community in the Township of Livingston and its surrounding communities. In the beginning, there were only 30 students and searching for the classrooms was considered to be a major task. At its 10th anniversary, with the hard work from the parents, teachers, and staff of LCS, the student enrollment increased to 160 students. During the same time, many Cantonese-speaking families have moved into Livingston and neighboring towns. The former principal and honorary board member Professor Edwin Leung felt the need to establish Cantonese-speaking classes, with the help from the Board and many parents, the Cantonese-speaking classes therefore begin its mission within the Livingston Chinese School.

Enrollment of language class is opened to all students from age 4 and up. Classes in Mandarin and Cantonese are available from preschool to grade 9th. In addition to the core curriculum, students can participate in various cultural activity classes of their choice. Activity classes include Lion Dance, Kung Fu, Folk Dance, Chinese Knotting, Origami, Chess, Drama, Calligraphy, Chinese Yo-Yo, and sports. The availability of those classes may vary from year to year. Our Home School Association (HSA) organized by volunteered parents provides activities for students– such as school library, student store, student talent show, speech contest, seminars, yearbook publication and also provides activities for adults in seminars, folk dance, aerobics, and Tai-Chi. Our school also organizes events such as Sunday hiking trip, ice-skating, spring-break field trip, Memorial Day Parade, summer picnics, winter ski trips, the celebration of the Chinese New Year, and other community services.

The Livingston Chinese School classes are held on Sunday from 1:30pm to 4:20pm at the Livingston Heritage Middle School. We welcome you to join our school!

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