李文斯頓中文學校 | 2021-2022學年度開始報名 !
Livingston Chinese School | Fall Registration Now Open!

2021-2022學年度報名將由[人工紙本註冊]轉換至[網路註冊平台]。上課時間:星期日中文課下午1:45至3:15,文化課下午3:15至4:15。查看中文注意事項,點擊 這裡  。
2021-2022 Registration is now migrating to an online registration platform.  Please click  here for English.

Click here to register.
Early bird discount: $30 off per student if you register before the end of June!
More information about the registration process and tuition below!

Tuition for 2021-2022 {學費}

Tuition for the coming school year remains flat. You may notice a difference in the amount because the book/supply fee is now combined with the tuition.

  • Tuition / 整學年學費 ————————- $490
  • Registration fee / 註冊費 —————— $25
  • HSA dues / 家長會會費 ———————- $30
  • Parent Duty Bond / 家長服務保證金 — $50

Updated 7/21/2021

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