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2020-2021學年度開始報名 !
Registration Now Open!

  • 2020-2021 學年度報名將由 [人工紙本註冊] 轉換至 [網路註冊平台]。查看中文注意事項,點擊這裡 。 
  • 網路報名。 點擊這裡註冊


  • 2020-2021 Registration is now migrating to an online registration platform.  Please click here for English.
  • Online Registration, Click here 

June 14, 2020 – End of Year Graduation Ceremony

2019-2020學年畢業暨結業典禮 – 六月十四日
李文斯頓中文學校全體教職員誠摯的邀請您闔家一起觀看下週日舉行的線上畢業典禮直播。 我們將表揚同學們、宣布獎項和榮譽榜名單,並為今年的畢業生慶祝。
End of Year Graduation Ceremony – June 14
Our teachers, staff, and faculty invite you to join us for a remote Graduation Ceremony next Sunday. We will recognize our students, announce awards and honor roll recipients, and celebrate our graduates. 

1:00 PM Cantonese Graduation Ceremony 
2:30 PM Mandarin Graduation Ceremony 

Zoom invite link 
Meeting ID: 745 0827 5445
Password: LCS

June 7, 2020 – Announcing the LCS Cantonese Summer Program!

宣布: 李文斯頓中文學校粵語暑期課程!
今年,李文斯頓中文學校很高興為學習粵語有興趣的學童提供免費的線上暑期課程,以鼓勵學生在暑假期間練習粵語。 該課程開放給本屆入學和過去上課的學童以及任何感興趣的親戚朋友們報名 (也歡迎新朋友加入)。本暑期課程對於每個家庭和老師來說並無上課壓力,只是快樂的學習, 遊戲、講故事等。沒有功課的煩惱。

– 七月五日至八月二十三日,共八週。
– 週日下午,三十分鐘課程。
– 課程分為四組:

  • 第一組:學前班、幼稚園(時間:一點三十分 – 兩點)
  • 第二組:一、二年級(時間:兩點十五分 – 兩點四十五分)
  • 第三組:三、四年級(時間:三點 – 三點三十分)
  • 第四組:五、六年級將分配一個作業,設計並協助學前班老師在有些週線上課程教學。
  • 點擊這裡註冊。
  • 如有任何疑問,請與粵語副校長 賴文盈女士聯繫

Announcing the LCS Cantonese Summer Program!
LCS is pleased to offer a free remote summer program to encourage students to practice Cantonese language through the summer. This program is open to current and past LCS families, as well as any interested friends and family (no-prior LCS affiliation necessary). Classes will be low-stress for families and teachers. Games, storytelling, etc. No homework. 

– 7/5 – 8/23, total 8 weeks. 
– Sunday afternoons for 30 minutes.
– We will have 4 groups:

  • Group 1: CPK-CK (time: 1:30 – 2:00)
  • Group 2: C1-C2 (time: 2:15 – 2:45)
  • Group 3: C3-C4 (time: 3:00 – 3:30)
  • Group 4: C5-C6 will be assigned a project and that they will design and help our CPK teacher to teach in some of the zoom lessons.  
  • Click here to register. 
  • Please reach out to Jane Lai, VP of Cantonese if you have any questions.



May 17, 2020 – Remote Classes continue

親愛的李文斯頓中文學校同學及家長們,大家好: (Hello LCS Families)

– 本週日,五月十七日 – 遠距教學
– 下週日,五月二十四日 – 陣亡將士紀念日,學校放假
– 星期日,五月三十一日 – 遠距教學
– 星期日,六月七日 – 遠距教學; 期末考
– 星期日,六月十四日 – 本學年最後上課日,敬請期待更多資訊

– Sunday, 5/17 – remote class
– Sunday, 5/24 – LCS closed in observance of Memorial Day
– Sunday, 5/31 – remote class
– Sunday, 6/7 – remote class; finals week
– Sunday, 6/14 – last day of school, more info to follow

May 9, 2020 – Happy Mother’s Day

為慶祝母親節,李文斯頓中文學校本週放假。 祝大家週末愉快! LCS is closed this week in observance of Mother’s Day. We hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

– 本週日,五月十日 – 母親節,學校放假
– Sunday, 5/10 – LCS closed for Mother’s Day

– 下週日,五月十七日 – 遠距教學
– Sunday, 5/17 – remote class

學校停課訊息更新 + 家長建議
根據墨菲州長對於新州學校停開課最新指示,李文斯頓中文學校將在本學年結束前持續遠距教學方式。由於遠距教學的週數比預期的長,因此我們希望您對目前貴子弟/女上課形式有什麼建議 – 哪些可行、哪些需要改善,等等。請擊此處填寫不記名建議表。您的意見將幫助我們未來的規劃。
Update on School Closure + Parent Feedback
In accordance with Governor Murphy’s latest update, our school will remain remote through the end of the school year. Since we will be remote longer than anticipated, we would like your feedback on what is working/not working for your student. Please click here to participate in our anonymous feedback form. Your input will help us plan for the immediate future.

May 3, 2020 – Remote Class Continue

本週日,五月三日 – 遠距教學
下週日,五月十日 – 母親節,學校放假

Coming Up
– Sunday, 5/3 – remote class
– Sunday, 5/10 – LCS closed for Mother’s Day

學校一直在注意新冠肺炎的最新資訊,對於目前疫情發展情況,我們將繼續遵循墨菲州長和李文斯頓學區教育委員會的規定,延長遠距離語文課程,一但有新的開校日期將會向所有人提供訊息。如有對貴子弟/女遠距課程有任何疑問和建議,請和老師直接聯繫。 如有其他任何疑問,請與我們聯繫。

We have been monitoring Covid-19 updates. We will continue to follow Governor Murphy and the Livingston BOE mandates to extend the remote lessons.  We will keep everyone updated on a new opening date.  You should already be in touch with your teacher about remote lessons for your class. Please reach out if you have any questions.

2019 – 2020 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (9/15/2019)


OPEN HOUSE — 9/15 & 9/22 @1:30pm

Welcome back from summer vacation.  I wish you enjoyed a nice break in the summer.

Livingston Chinese School will open its first day of school Sunday September 15.  The Language class will run from 1:30pm to 3:25pm with a break of 10 minutes in the cafeteria around 2:25pm-2:35pm.  


Please send us email ( if you are interested getting your child(ren) to try our Mandarin or Cantonese Language classes on 9/15 & 9/22.


See you all! 

Jan 20 – Winter Storm School Closed

Due to winter storm, Livingston Chinese School will be closed on Sunday 1/20/2019. 

Makeup date for school is 4/14/2019, per the school calendar. 

由於冬季風暴雪來襲,李文斯頓中文學將於1月20日停課一日。(補課日- 4/14/2019)



Congratulation for the school-wide Cantonese speech contest winners.